Toy Car Collectors for iPad App Reviews

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Waste of money, too many glitches. Crashes constantly while entering info, and with the latest update, goes to Gun Collector (another Sort It app), when trying to open Toy Collector, takes you back to the App Store, which says OPEN, so you do, and it goes back to Guns. Vicious Circle. Bought the app a month ago, contacted support for the crashing issues one day after purchasing. My response was, "wait for a bug fix update...which never came until the new glitch, which is the cause for this review and me trying to get my money back. Save yourself and make a Numbers or Excel spreadsheet. Same amount of time...with pics.

Basically does nothing.

Don't waste your time and money on this app. Sent numerous emails and they only responded to one and pretty much responded with the description. This is by far the worst app this company makes. Their lack of customer service and professionalism has turned me off to the company.

Good Database!

Very easy to use and a good way to place all of your cars in a database. It is very customizable and you can add the info about your car(s) as you see fit. It does need a function for adding quantity but overall it is a good app.

Love to take my collection with me

Love this app because you can take photos and notes of your die-cast collection with you on your phone. Although it still has a few minor glitches, there is much potential here if you spend the time to enter your collection. Example: It would be nice to have better defined "Field" names to enter your data. Does "year" refer to the year the die cast was made or the year of the car makes.


This app is nothing more than a spread sheet or something similar. You have to enter all data impossible if the car isn't still in bubble on a card. I don't have UPC codes available. Otherwise you have to type in model type year etc. thought the app would have a available lust if hotwheels cars and you pick what you have. This was a waste of $6.

Friendly suggestion for Improvement

Most of the reviews I read before my purchase were negative. But I was intrigued and went through with the buy. After frustrating minutes, I figured it out. However, a "Getting Started" tutorial would really help get new users started.


It's not a TOTAL waste of $6 bucks, but you'll experience TOTAL disappointment when you use it. Despite there being a setting for barcode scanning, nowhere in the app can you actually do such a thing. If you can, it's hidden well enough that I can't find it. Data entry manually is clunky. One entry I made, I went through all the motions of taking a picture, entering all the data from the card, then went back a couple of screens and lost everything I had just done. It was enough to make me give up... What a disappointment - if only Sort It! Apps were at all responsive to their customer queries... ARE YOU LISTENING??? Complete waste of $8 bucks with the stupid in-app purchase of offline viewing (which is ridiculous). This guy is laughing all the way to his Cayman Islands bank.


I have written this group on numerous occasions and gotten no reply. Simply want to know how to use this app. A waste of money. Pretty hard up for a few dollars.

Slow and cumbersome to use

This app is a waste of money. Super slow response, cumbersome to use. Doesn't allow for multiples of the same item. Cannot input items by scanning barcodes. Doesn't have a field for long and short cards or loose items for that matter. Wish I could get my money back.

Hot wheels collector

I love using this app. I have so many hot wheels cars in my collection that it's hard for me to keep track of them. So now that I have this new app. I can now have a easier time buy the hot wheels cars that I don't have:)

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